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Vol. 122 November 2018

Secretary for the Environment visited innovative green solutions from Cyberport start-ups

The Secretary for the Environment (SEN), KS Wong, visited Cyberport to meet with the community’s green start-ups last month to gain a better understanding of how they apply green technology to waste management, energy conservation, and electric vehicle charging.


During the visit, Mr Wong met with three start-ups: Carbon World Limited, which offers an “IoT reverse vending machine” that rewards recycling with “carbon coins” that can be spent or shared; Farm66, an award-winning start-up that specialises in aquaponic vegetables; and oneCHARGE Solutions Limited, which offers electric vehicle fast-charging stations.


Mr Wong expressed his aspiration that technology will play a decisive role in promoting the development of Hong Kong’s green industries and the city’s sustainable development, and that there will be more innovative enterprises to combat climate change and to enhance Hong Kong’s environmental friendliness and liveability.


The visit was a part of the SEN’s itinerary, as he met with the District Council members of the Southern District to exchange views on local environmental affairs.