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Vol. 116 May 2018

InsureTech member: 10Life tops mobile app search  

Independent insurance platform 10Life is rewiring the city’s insurance market one consumer at a time.

Through its innovative platform, this Cyberport incubatee breaks down complex insurance products data into unbiased information that helps guide consumers into making informed choices while also efficiently connecting consumers with the right insurance advisors and insurers. 

Different to the traditional insurance related marketing information released by insurance companies and brokers, 10Life’s analysis of products is independent and transparent based on market statistics and industry expertise. It stays focused on the terms and features that will significantly impact consumers.

Users can connect anonymously and instantaneously with insurance advisors to resolve their insurance needs through an instant Q&A messaging feature on the mobile app. In addition, the service quality of individual insurance advisors are backed by ratings from some 3,000 users ensuring a higher level of representation.

What’s more, nearly half of 10Life users are aged under 35, enabling insurance advisors to access the next wave of revenue growth, sustaining market segment that was previously difficult to reach via traditional business servicing models.

As of this April, 10Life has become the number one mobile app for insurance search terms in the App Store and the Android Play Store in Hong Kong, and with over 10,000 monthly active users, it has superseded other mobile applications developed by the insurance sector.

The award-winning platform plans to broaden its coverage to other insurance products including mass-market medical insurance plans in the coming months.

“As we promote transparency by connecting information to make insurance simple for the public, the Cyberport platform has enabled start-ups like us to connect with an invaluable ecosystem of entrepreneurs, industry experts as well as media exposures.  Being a B2C company, the endorsement of Cyberport and media coverages have certainly helped to boost consumer confidence in our platform,” said Thomson Ho, Co-founder of 10Life Group Limited.

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