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Vol. 116 May 2018

Message from CEO 

Dear friends of Cyberport,

I am truly honoured to share with you as the new CEO of Cyberport, the exciting wins and strong business momentum of our community companies, and highlights of flagship events where international leaders gathered to share insights on how the data driven new economy is taking shape.

As digital tech is redefining the social economic landscape around the world, it is essential that we inspire our young generation to embrace technology and provide opportunities for all of us to upskill ourselves in essential knowledge like the cloud computing course that Cyberport is working with AWS and HKUSPACE on, and the range of STEM related activities that we host at Cyberport for students.

Data is the currency of the new economy. I shall work closely with all our partners to nurture data driven start-ups, facilitate enterprises transformation and groom future talents so that we can leverage on digital technology to transcend geographic boundaries and capture exciting new opportunities along the digital Belt and Road.

Peter Yan

CEO, Cyberport


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