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Vol. 112 December 2017

Smart-Space company Hidden Boss launches new app to facilitate better learning

Hidden Boss has just released STEM City, its newest gamified education tool that uses games to encourage students’ participation, targeting a range of subjects including the arts, history and mathematics.


The new app, which was launched at the Learning and Teaching Expo Hong Kong in December, uses STEM and self-directed learning to measure the efforts of students throughout their learning journey.


“Integrated with games, the app sets milestones and measures small achievements, allowing students to view and track their progress every step of the way,” explained Dave Cheung, CEO of Hidden Boss.


The app requires students to pay attention to the dialogues in the game and be proactive in searching for information and revision in order to meet the required targets.


What’s more, the app will also leverage on the benefits of big data technology to allow teachers and parents to gain a better understanding of students’ study habits and subject preferences so as to facilitate better teaching plans.




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